Thursday, May 26, 2011

Almost Happy Birthday to tPDGB!!!

Well, it has come to my attention that my blog will be celebrating it's one year anniversary as of July 5th. Luckily, that will be right after I return from my "hiatus" that will be an amazing vacation.

I'll attempt to post on the actual birthday of the blog, but no promises. It'll be around then though!

It's kind of amazing how much has happened to this blog in the past year. I'll write more about that later.

Uh... I leave really really soon guys. So, I'll make a post the day before I leave announcing for sure the no posts thing.
Yeah, then pictures and everything will be for a long time. Plus JulNoWriMo.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grammar Nazi Rant

UPDATE 5/29: Please pray for this girl and I am not saying anything against this girl and I am worried about her and I want her to get better! I'm just upset at the declining grammar in this world. Not just this one person who wrote this. Thanks. :)

I'm currently working on a different post that's a lot more in depth and stuff, but I just read something and it made me angry.

So, the background story is apparently a girl got hit on the highway while walking her dog. (Why she was walking her dog on the highway, I'm not sure...) And she got hit by a truck that a teenage boy was driving. I got invited to a Facebook "event" asking me to pray for this girl.
This is the summary of the event on the page:

Please please pray for Stevie Urwin Sandy high school grad in our home town, This poor 19 yr old girl got hit walking the high way here in sandy by 211 by a half ton truck a 15 yr old boy was driving. She was walking her dog she was taken to the hospital. plz "like" this and lets hope for the best for her and her family. plz let me know if u have any ideas on how to help with her and her family thru this tuff situation we are sandy...some went to school with her and some know her via family or friends but lets plz do something about this... she didnt deserve this. Plz contact me with ideas.

Excuse me, but WHAT THE F**K!?!
I have so many problems with this it's not even funny.
What does this even mean?! I mean, I got that this girl was hit by a truck that a 15 year old boy was driving apparently... but WHAT?!
Dear person who wrote this,
YOU ARE ASKING PEOPLE TO PRAY FOR A GIRL WHO GOT HIT BY A TRUCK AND YOU CAN'T EVEN SPELL "PLEASE" OUT CORRECTLY! This is a dishonor to her and her family. "Tuff" is not how you spell t-o-u-g-h. "Plz" is not a word. It's spelled "please". If you want people to care about what happened to Stevie the least you can do is take an extra 5 seconds to spell out your words, an extra minute or two to write complete sentences, and use your brain to make sure it makes sense!
I don't know this girl, and I am very sorry for her and I hope that she is okay.
But you are disgracing her by this.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Quote of the Day!!!
It may or may not actually be "of the day" exactly, but it sounds better that day. And maybe it will get more people interested so they can see more quotes. Yeah.

Updates on Life:
JulNo outlining is going peachy and wonderful surprisingly. :) I'll continue to update the "10,000 Word Novel Outline" page as I add more to my own outline.

And I've been re-addicted to Sims 3 and I'm attempting to do the Legacy Challenge. It's insane. I LOVE IT! :P

And Stefaniya went home today. :( She will be missed so much here!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Why Don't We Care?

Note: I wrote this rant a few months ago. I am just now getting 'round to finishing it. Sorry it's been a while since I've posted.

Today, I am going to talk to you about a serious topic.
I know I generally don't do that, but it's something that's been on my mind lately. This is a bit of a rant that I've been dying to write and I finally have time to write about it.
America. It's totally messed up. We all know it except for those who aren't involved with it's problems or those too ignorant to care.

Mostly, my problem with America is the education system. The main reason this is currently on my mind right now is that I am reading this book that is considered really nerdy.

Oh, and reason #2 is one of John Green's most recent vlogbrother videos. Found here.

So, why does reading a nerdy book make me angry about the American education system? Well, the book is The Calculus Diaries by Jennifer Ouellette. And my first problem is, is that when I consider taking it with me to read anywhere I have a little voice in the back of my head saying, "People are going to think you are such a nerd if they see you reading that." Generally, I don't let people see the book.

The fact is, I don't care to a point if people think I'm a nerd, because it really isn't an insult. However, occasionally, I find myself thinking "Okay, this really is very nerdy. Do you really want to deal with people's comments on this?" Therefore I hide whatever nerdy thing it is.

So, the reason this book made me start thinking about this is a couple quotes that Ouellette wrote in her book. The first one is:
"Knowledge is power, and we forfeit that power when we choose to remain willfully ignorant."
It's pretty self explanatory. And makes me wonder why knowledgeable people are looked down upon when they obviously have the higher ground and power.
The second is a little more relevant to the book and goes a little something like this:
"[S]cientists have a valid point when they bemoan the fact that it's socially acceptable in our culture to be utterly ignorant of math, whereas it is a shameful thing to be illiterate."

The world can exist without reading and words. As much as I and a few other people would like to think it can't exist without books and words and writing and literature. It can. There are entire cultures that were created and built upon that had no writing system whatsoever. BUT IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO EXIST WITHOUT MATH!

All right, so that's where I stopped in the rant. I'm not particularly angry about this topic at the moment, so I won't continue it. However, I think I made my point. I didn't support it extremely well. But it's a rant, so... no support technically needed.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today. Is My Birthday.

And I'm going to do what I want.

Yeah. That's right.

So, my day is going to go like this (as decided by someone else):
Get up at 6am so I can go to school like a good kid. Even though class doesn't start until 11. It's the only way I'll get there.
Leave school at 5. Two hours after my class gets out, because once again - it's the only way I'll be getting home.
That's 10 hours. At school. On my birthday. That's twice the hours of when I'm actually supposed to be in class!

So, I'm all "I am not going to allow myself to play Civilization until I get to 4k on my outline."

Now I have decided that that is total BS.

It's my motherf**king birthday and I am gong to play Civilization.
That's right.
Imma rebel. (<--See that? You know what that is? BAD GRAMMAR! YEAH!)

Note: This mood may or may not have to do with the extra shot of coffee I had this morning. I'm not sure.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011



That. Up there. It's my brain right now. Freaking out. Because of all the things I have to do.
I don't know how I let this happen. Maybe it's not my fault that I always end up having to do everything at short periods of time. Chances are though, it is.

Maybe what happens is I get all motivated subconsciously and figure out all these things I have to do, then consciously I freak out because of all these things.

Who knows. The real issue is I have a whole lot of things to do in a very short time span.

Right now, here are the things I have to do within the next week:
  1. Upload 3 pinstriping things
  2. Make avatars for people
  3. Get a 6 page paper rewritten for tomorrow
  4. Clean my room because it's too messy for me to think
  5. Do laundry
  6. Do math homework
  7. Get a whole lot outlined on my story for JulNo (at least another 2k within 2 or 3 days)
  8. Have a birthday
  9. Start packing for the cruise
  10. Have a goodbye party for the exchange student
  11. Write thank you notes for the birthday
  12. Not ignore boyfriend because I'm busy doing other things (which definitely won't happen because I tend to ignore everything for spending time with him :P)
  13. Go through bookshelf
  14. Put lots of stuff on
  15. Ship stuff that's been ordered on
  16. Sleep.
  17. Eat.
  18. Not die.
That's a lot of things to do! quertyasdghaskdf;ja

Oh, and not die in all my other classes. And that's not including job research and studying and talking to other people and working. At my job. Where I get paid to do stuff. That I'll get fired from if I don't do. Yeah.


Note: I am actually not avoiding doing other things right now. I'm in math class. So I do not have the ability to do the things I need to do on my list. So it's okay.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Sometimes Have Really Weird Dreams

Like, really super freaking weird dreams. And this is my dream I had last night that I want to share with all of you.
This one dream ranks pretty high on the list of weird dreams I've had. Maybe even weirder than the "dinosaur children selling me soap in black velvet bags door-to-door" dream.
So here's how it goes:

I was at Southridge and Byron worked down the street. We were eating lunch together and there were these really mean popular girls. (Which is weird, because I generally don't care about the really mean popular girl type. They will be hence named "Cordillia" in honor of BtVS.) They were like, "We're all going to be super pretty at prom. And you won't. So that sucks." And I was like, "Well, no one cares." So Cordillia scoffed and went away. Then all the girls decided to wear the same dress to prom. Because that would show them.

Then, school ended and my friend Luke (I really hope you're reading this) and I had to go save the car shop from the Canadian Mafia. (I feel like they don't exist in real life, nevertheless, they were mean and scary.) So we went to the car garage and there was a Mafia chick there and then 2 Mafia dudes. The chick was just standing there. Luke and her started having a conversation and stopped paying attention.

Dude 1 was working on a seat in the car, Dude 2 was sitting on the ground facing the other way and for some reason, I was laying on the ground between them. I don't know how I got there, but I knew that I had to get out of there. I looked over at Dude 1 and he had a gun in his belt. I had to get that gun. So I tried to pickpocket him basically. And I got the gun, but then, being clumsy me, I let the barrel hit the cement ground as I was grabbing it. It made a very large sound. Which made both dudes realize I was doing something bad.

So Dude 1 shot me. In the neck.
Then Dude 2 shot me in the side.
I wasn't bothered too much by this fact.

They were like, "Idiot. You don't steal guns. You always get shot when you steal guns." Then they left. Chick went with them.

I was laying on the ground all bleeding and stuff and Luke was over me saying, "Are you okay?" At which point I'm thinking, Well, this isn't great, but I'll survive. I should probably get some help though.

So, I told Luke to take me to the hospital. They could help me. So Luke took me to the ambulance that was conveniently waiting outside. And we went to the hospital. Then this very large burly man that looked a lot like Vin Diesel was like "Oh, you'll be fine. We can fix this."

Then I woke up from being knocked out (from anesthesia I assume). I had stitches on each side of my neck. (Where Frankenstein's monster's bolts are.) And a set of stitches on my right side. Three large stitches for each place a bullet went. I don't know where the 3rd bullet hole came from. Maybe an exit hole.

I was all better and so I decided that I had to go to prom. Byron was waiting in the waiting room and told me that I couldn't go anywhere yet until I ate some ice cream. (For those who are unaware, I don't like ice cream.) I told him I was fine and that we needed to go to prom. Now. It was super important.

So we got ready and went to prom and everyone was asking why I had stitches. I didn't want to tell them I got shot. So I told them I tripped and fell on a knife. Because that made sense.

Then I woke up.

Coming soon is a story I wrote in 2nd grade! :D