Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cruisin Sherwood 2011

So I had the first super intense crazy adventure of the summer on Saturday! It was very fun and, of course, a car show. I guess I really don't talk much about cars and that world on this blog, but now I'm going to! With pictures! (Pictures will become a more common thing now because I got a new camera. It's a FinePix S2950.)

This awesome adventure started out at 3am. Byron (who slept over in the guest bed) and I left the house by 3:30 and were at the location of the car show entrance, waiting in line with other cars, by 4am. It was insane. And dark. And we were tired. So we took about a 1/4 mile stroll down the long line of cars that were waiting and back to stay awake and take up time.

Then, at 6am we were let in to park and it was finally completely light out. The show wasn't even open to the public until 9am, so we definitely had some time to kill. We got an AMAZING spot in the middle of Downtown Sherwood. We got to registration and started cleaning Byron's car right away - which woke me up more than anything for some reason. Right across from a Sesame Donut shop thankfully. So I promptly went across and got a cup of coffee with 4 shots that woke me up sort of.

So after getting some breakfast we finally went and looked at the cars that were still coming in. There were some absolutely beautiful cars at this show too. It might be the favorite of my summer too. The cloud cover didn't go away until maybe 10 or 11. I would like to point out that 10 o'clock was 7 hours into my day. So it finally being sunny (besides the fact that it's Oregon and we're still waiting for summer) was kind of a big deal.

We both fell asleep in lawn chairs for about an hour around noon or so I'm guessing. I got a mild sunburn, but nothing too bad. We met up with his parents and ate some food and watched some contests. (loudest car, best burnout, stuff like that) And at 3pm (12 hours now!) they started announcing the awards. The trophies looked totally awesome. I wish I got some pictures of them, but I was way to tired at that point to even think about that. Byron didn't win an award this time, but that's okay. Maybe next year. I don't have any pictures about anything in this paragraph, so here is a picture of my favorite car at the show - a 1971 Corvette Stingray.

There were so many amazing cars. I'm uploading the best pictures to my personal deviantArt account. Here are a couple of my favorites. But most of them will be on my site if you are interested. :)